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I am a landscape, nature and outdoor photographer living in Cape Town, South Africa.


Growing up I was fortunate to have family who loved exploring the great outdoors. My father would take us every holiday somewhere adventurous, whether it was camping in the African bush, or hiking in the Drakensberg mountains. And it was in these beautiful moments that I first learnt my love of nature and the outdoors.

My love and appreciation of nature has always been connected with my belief that something greater than ourselves created this earth. And so the name ‘Where The Light Is’ draws not only from my passion as photographer for chasing the best light, but also my constant journey and pursuit in finding truth and meaning in life. 


And so, after finishing school I went on to complete a masters degree in religious studies, intending to become an academic and lecturer.

It was during my university years I started to tinker around with photography, and soon the artistic side of me clicked with the medium.

Upon beginning my career as an academic I quickly realised that it wasn’t a job that I could do for the rest of my life. A part of me really wanted to pursue a career out in nature, and so I made the slow transition from researcher and lecturer to photographer, spending all my spare time honing my skills with the camera.







My photography really started to come into its own when my wife and I moved from Johannesburg to Cape Town. My opportunities as a landscape photographer became endless. Suddenly I had world-class seascapes and mountains right on my doorstep, and so my love and passion of this form of photography grew exponentially.


My career as a landscape photographer cannot be pinpointed to a single date in time. Instead, it has been a gradual process of growth that would otherwise not have been possible without the love and support of my family and friends.


As my career has developed, my former passion for teaching has pushed me to show others how to photograph nature and the outdoors. And so I have developed a series of workshops, private lessons, and photographic tours that allows me to pass these skills and experiences on to others.

The beauty and fear of being a landscape photographer is that you never know where it will take you next. New and exciting challenges lie around every corner. And as our world is changing, the beauty that I love to capture is slowly changing as well. Man-made climate change is slowly destroying our natural world. And so my role as someone who photographs nature is also evolving into that of an ambassador, advocate and documentarian against such climate change.

I love to engage with others on matters of photography and life in general. Please connect with me on social media, where I post all my latest work.


Thank you for being a part of my journey as I continue to find Where The Light Is.

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